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development-overviewEDF Renewables strength is grounded in extensive international experience the Company has gained across the spectrum of services required for the development and long-term operation of successful renewable energy projects. Our core expertise lies in Project Development and Operations and Maintenance.


EDF Renewables has significant experience with a variety of wind and solar installations for both utility-scale and commercial applications. In North America, the Group has developed 9.9 GW of wind, solar, storage, biomass, and biogas projects. We have built long-standing relationships with key stakeholders, including utilities, regulatory agencies, and the communities in which we operate, enabling us to expertly navigate the development process, and ensuring the successful completion and operation of our projects.


We manage the project every step of the way, from site selection, permitting, project design, procurement of equipment, financing, construction, to operations and maintenance. We have access to a global network of expert engineers, developers, and supply agreements, enabling us to design and build the most cost-effective energy solutions for your specific site requirements. EDF Renewables has secured over US $6.75 billion in financing for our projects in North America, and enjoys the financial strength and backing of the leading electricity company in the world – EDF, ensuring that our development commitments are always met.


We proudly stand behind our installations and our name. We believe every installation is the beginning of a lasting partnership. Our project development, operations, and finance experience means we deliver the most trustworthy energy systems with the capabilities to support the projects with long-term management. Our Operations and Maintenance Team has 10 GW of renewable energy under contract. Not only do we ensure the successful development of our projects, but we ensure long-term profitable operations.


EDF Renewables engages in a rigorous process to identify and evaluate the potential of prospective sites, taking into account the energy resource, transmission, interconnection, permitting and environmental concerns.


During the development phase, EDF Renewables engages in permitting, site design, and technology selections

EDF Renewables determines the resource potential, performs technology and quality analysis of equipment, and conducts spatial evaluation of equipment placement to maximize the potential output. At the same time, land is rented, interconnection rights and necessary permits are secured, and environmental and technical studies are performed according to best-of-class development practices.


During this phase, EDF Renewables secures a power purchase agreement, necessary equipment for project construction, and selects a construction contractor. Concurrently, the Company secures project construction and long-term financing and has closed over US $6.75 billion in financing facilities in North America.


During the construction period, EDF Renewables oversees and implements all aspects of the system design, installation, and construction to ensure a quality build.

Asset Administration

Management of physical assets is key to long-term operational performance and profitability. With Asset Administration Services, EDF Renewables manages the projects and their commercial agreements to optimize returns over a project’s life cycle.

Services include operational oversight, financial management, business reporting, and forecasting of a project’s performance.

Additionally, EDF Renewables monitors and implements federal, state, and local policy and permit requirements.